IT Security

IT security should be paramount to every business owner, regardless of size. Workwell IT will work with you to develop a security strategy specifically tailored to your organization to help put your network on lockdown and protect all of your data from attackers looking to leverage holes in your infrastructure.

We employ best-in-class resources designed to protect your data. Our security solutions help safeguard you and your employees from minor to potentially devastating threats such as DDoS attacks, phishing, spam, interruption of service, ransomware, and even internal threats within your own network. Call us today to schedule a network security and threat analysis evaluation before it’s too late. 

Huntress© Managed Security Platform

Hackers constantly evolve, exploiting new vulnerabilities and dwelling in small business environments — until they meet Huntress. The Huntress Managed Security Platform keeps you secure by combining a powerful suite of cybersecurity technology. Its Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is back and managed by the Huntress Security Operations Center and their 24/7 team of experts.

Email Security

Email is the most successful delivery method for the costliest cyberattacks out there: business email compromise (BEC), credential theft, ransomware and more.  BEC scams are very common because they do not require complex coding skills or malware — just deception. They often slip past standard spam filters because they don’t typically include malicious links or attachments.

With our email security platform, we leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze email behavior and scan for irregularities or suspicious activity to effectively detect and block phishing and BEC attacks before they cause damage.

Business Email Compromise

Email or phishing scam through which fraudsters impersonate a known or trusted source (brand or individual) with the intention of tricking employees into sharing their sensitive data or credentials or to extort money from them.

  • Account Take Over (ATO) – A legitimate email account is compromised to launch email attacks. These are the most nefarious attacks to detect.
  • Phishing And Spear Phishing – It is now easier than ever to execute an effective spear phishing attack with data from company profiles and social media.
  • Malware And Ransomware – URLs and attachments in an email can lead to malicious sites that download malware/ransomware that easily slip past existing security controls.