About Us

Workwell IT is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) headquartered in Athens, Georgia, dedicated to helping businesses stay in control of ever-expanding tech needs. Since 2011, we have provided IT services to small- to medium-sized businesses in Athens, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas, Texas. With a comprehensive suite of services covering IT security and monitoring, network and server management, disaster planning, and technical support, our team is committed to providing innovative, reliable, and understandable technology solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific business goals.

Our Roots

Workwell IT was founded in 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia with the goal of providing customized, proactive, and cost-effective technical services and support to small- to medium-sized businesses.

Now headquartered in Athens, Georgia, Workwell IT offers a wide range of tailored IT services for our clients in Georgia and Texas.

Our Approach

Our approach starts with a thorough investigation of your current technology and what’s needed to achieve your goals. That way, we can focus on making sure we maximize the return of any technological investment, so you have more resources to focus on what’s important to your business. Some computer companies love to use a lot of buzzwords and complicated language, but we believe in keeping things simple: We’re here to help.

Find out how we can get your business running more efficiently with Workwell Managed Services.