Disaster Planning

Do you have a backup and disaster recovery plan for your business? Have you ever wondered what might happen if you lost all your business data? Would you be able to properly service your clients? How would it affect your reputation? What would you tell your clients if the data is unrecoverable?

Many small businesses don’t have a robust data backup and business continuity plan, but the risk of data loss is real. It can happen any day to any business, be it hard drive failure, server malfunction, malware infection, human error, or a natural calamity like a hurricane or fire. Losing data is incredibly easy, so it’s critically important that you are prepared for such an incident.

Workwell IT has been providing affordable, world-class data backup and disaster recovery solutions since 2011. With incremental backups, a copy of your chosen files are stored on a backup server, either locally, remotely, or both. All data transfers are encrypted, so your confidential data remains confidential. Regular expert monitoring ensures that everything is working as expected. If anything goes wrong, you can recover any particular file or folder at any time.

With cloud backups, your business can be up and running even if there is a massive natural calamity in your area. Make a smart decision today to protect your small business and call Workwell IT for assistance with making your own data recovery plan.